Attempt to Rush an RPG

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After reading an article on GameDev about a guy who managed to build an RPG in 40 hours, I decided I’d try my hand at doing an RPG 40 hours too, but in C#. So I started to write the first code on Saturday. After 10 hours of gruelling crunch and brainstorming, I was overwhelmed and realized that I had neither the skill nor discipline to actually make it in 40 hours. I didn’t even have the energy left to write a blog post about the start, much less record the process of doing it. However, I did get to the stage where I had a map and a character walking around somewhat and had a basic dialog system in place, but with no inventory, no stats, no objects, just character and some boring dialog box.

Thanks to the start however, I’ve now found myself with a half-complete RPG engine. I will upload an update sometime soon. Everything used to make the game is just the .NET framework and C# that comes with Visual Studio Express. Perhaps I should try going on for another 30 hours and see how far I can get…